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Mastering by 3megistus is the perfect solution for mastering with a tight budget.
We have chosen for the option to stay digital all the way,
even with the monitoring (digital Air15 system by Dynaudio).
That means: WYHIWYG
Because of our setup we are flexible in our workflow,
wether your audio needs parallel or M/S processing.

unattended sessions:
You give us full responsibility for the final master
and we will treat your music as if it's our own child.
Of course there will be room for reasonable feedback afterwards.

attended sessions:
You are able to give us direct feedback
Your wish is our command
As a consequence however we have to calculate a rate per hour,
which can be more demanding for your budget.

Since mastering is also a matter of taste,
feel free to let us master a sample of your audio
and let your ears decide...

If necessary, we can do a lot,
but don't expect us to eliminate too much compression in a mix!